Classic Trainers

Historical Society of Trainer Aircraft

We would like to welcome you to our Web pages - The Classic Trainers. The flying of historical airplanes and their maintenance is our passion.


Our goal is to bring back the times when the aviator´s air smelled like fuel and burnt oil and brave women and men ventured out in their awesome flying machines and pushed forward the limits towards new boundaries.


Nowadays it is also very thought provoking and necessary to commemorate our grandfathers and great grandfathers who lost their lives on various battlefields during WW II.


We operate beautiful aircraft, the Harvard, Boeing Stearman, Stinson, Pilatus, Stinson AT 19A Reliant MK III, M1D Sokol and the Z-526M that served as trainers for hundreds of thousands of pilots during WW II.


Among whom were also thousands Czechoslovak pilots...


Once again, welcome to our pages and meet our Harvard, Stearman, Pilatus, Stinson AT 19A Reliant MK III, M1D Sokol, Z-526M and the team of people who make it possible to keep this piece of aviation history alive and operational

Hangar 3 Open Day

Hangar 3 Open Day

The first ever open day in Hangar 3 at Plzeň Líně airport where Classic Trainers z.s. collection is located exceeded our expectations.

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